Noora, veterinarian and nutrition expert

I am Noora Sjögren, a veterinarian and master of agriculture and forestry as well as an agronomist from Tampere.


My study history includes studies in animal nutrition at the University of Helsinki, and I completed the six years veterinary training programme in Tartu, Estonia. In addition, I have studied Western animal acupuncture and pain management in Colorado, USA. I have also taken numerous individual courses and training programmes related to animal nutrition and identifying and treating pain in animals. Work of a veterinarian is also about continuous further training and studying, and I am constantly learning more and more about nutrition and pain management in particular – so I am a student forever and I have great passion and heart towards my work. I can say that animals have always been close to my heart, and I love my work among animals and people.


Since 2013, I have worked as a veterinarian after receiving my rights of practice both as a municipal veterinarian and as a clinic veterinarian at small-animal clinics. As an entrepreneur, I have been working as an entrepreneur in my own small veterinary clinic since 2015. At my clinic, I mainly treat patients who need nutritional advice and patients with pain issues. In addition to my own business, I worked as a veterinarian at the university veterinary hospital’s feeding clinic and pain and acupuncture clinic for a couple of years. Since 2017, I have worked as a teacher for clinic nurse students in addition to my veterinary work. Also, I have given lectures on animal health care, as well as veterinary and animal nutrition issues since I started my own practice. Professionally speaking, my interests include clinical nutrition of all animals and the opportunities nutritional choices offer in the treatment of health and diseases, veterinary acupuncture and identifying and treating pain in all animals. I also find internal medicine of small animals interesting, and especially the opportunities nutrition offers as support treatment for various diseases.


As pets, I have kept dogs and a horse, and at the moment my life is sweetened by two “granny” dogs, namely the rough-haired rabbit dachshund Hilkka and westie Tyyne. My dogs play a major role in my life. Hilkka and Tyyne certainly are family members who put their paw mark on everyday routines and make me go jogging and trek in the woods. Hilkka and Tyyne make every day fun! Hilkka’s greatest passions are digging and swimming, and this is what Hilkka wants to do as much as possible. During my studies, I was involved in small-scale agility with Tyyne, but nowadays Tyyne enjoys other things more – mainly going to “pick” berries and mushrooms is suitable pastime now at granny age.


Nutrition is one of the most important factors around the well-being of pets and plays a very important role in the health of an animal. Good nutrition is one of the cornerstones of a long, good quality and as healthy life as possible. High-quality nutrition maintains health and prevents illnesses. Pets have many diseases that can be prevented and treated with nutrition suitable for a pet. Some diseases require a suitable diet for treatment in order to treat the pet comprehensively. The very thing that theory and practice of nutrition can be combined in such a way that the care for the pet is holistic and the quality of its life is improved, in my opinion, is tremendously rewarding and inspiring.


Raw materials and their high quality, nutrient balance and taste of food are the basis for a well-functioning diet. Domestic production, ecology and the idea of locally produced food are very important to me personally. The fact that shortcuts are not tolerated and everything is backed by research – everything is done as well as possible – are all very important values for me at Rovio Pet Foods. I can stand behind the company’s values and products 100% and be genuinely proud for them. The need for Finnish made, high-quality food on the pet market is great, and I do believe that the need will increase even more in the future.

The fact that shortcuts are not tolerated and everything is backed by research – everything is done as well as possible – are all very important values for me at Rovio Pet Foods.

Noora Sjögren

Expert veterinarian