Werraton Grain-free – dry food for cats

Werraton Grain-free is a completely Finnish all-in-one food developed by Rovio Pet Foods’ animal nutrition specialists and loved by cats. It is especially suitable for adult, sterilized indoor-living domestic cats and/or cats prone to obesity. Werraton dry food’s high-quality amino acid content is guaranteed thanks to a key ingredient: fresh egg. The product also contains chicken and tasty chicken liver. Werraton Grain-free dry food is produced at our factory in Loimaa.


Werraton cat food is rich in whole fresh egg, poultry protein, potatoes, peeled broad beans and flax. The raw materials we use are high-quality and locally sourced – right nearby our factory. Werraton Grain-free is naturally gluten-free for sensitive cats. The food does not contain wheat, corn, soy or food colouring or preservatives. The intestinal health of your cat is nurtured by easily digestible fibres and MOS. To support urinary tract functon, Werraton cat food also contains lingonberry. The animal protein content of the product is exceptionally high 80%.


Werraton Grain-free cat food’s pack sizes are 500g and 2kg.

Werraton – benefits like no other:

  • Nutrient-rich egg

  • Animal protein content 80%

  • Good source of amino acids

  • Berry powder for the well-being of the urinary tract

  • MOS for supporting intestinal function

  • Contains taurine which is essential for cats

  • Finnish raw materials

  • Product does not contain artificial dyes, flavourings or preservatives

  • Product does not contain rice, corn, soy or wheat

Werraton dry foods for cats are sold in Finland by:

  • SOK
  • Hankkija
  • Säästömarketit (Huittinen & Häijää)
  • Kesko (Select stores)
  • Peten Koiratarvike
  • Veljekset Keskinen
  • Minimani
  • Eläintarvike Lysti (Pornainen)
  • Auranmaan Rakennuspiste (Riihikoski)