Our most important and strictest food critics are dogs.

Our story

Rovio Pet Foods is a Finnish dog food producer that does everything differently from the very beginning.

Recipes for our foods were developed by our in-house animal nutrition specialist who knows what dogs need to feel good. We thought about working dogs, hunting dogs, companion dogs and active dogs – our best friends and happy helpers. Exactly the kinds of dogs our own staff have. 

Our foods are produced only from the best raw materials. They were carefully selected to guarantee the 
protein-to-fat composition that best suits dogs. Our foods have everything your dog needs for a balanced and healthy diet – nothing extra.

Before entering production, the dogs had a say in quality control. The test batches vanished from the bowls 
in no time.



Short trip to the bowl of food 


We built a new factory in Loimaa, Southwest Finland, so that we can source ingredients from producers we know in the neighbourhood and benefit from short transportation distances. All of our raw materials come from just around the corner.

The food is also packaged the same roof in specifically designed packages. Our foods are sold nationwide in 
the largest grocery chains and pet stores. We also have a factory outlet.

Our factory was specifically designed for the production of pet food, which means that the processes are optimised, and the food is always of consistent quality. In the future, we intend to utilise both solar and biogas as the factory’s energy source.