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Werraton Blueberry Snack

Tooth-friendly delicacy for your dog

Werraton Blueberry Snack is a nutrient-rich and tooth-friendly cookie designed by our animal nutrition expert. Your dog can enjoy it while you will have good conscience about it. The cookie is suitable as a snack and training treat for your adult dog, since it is easy to break into smaller pieces. You can take it on your walks or as a snack for trips and outings. This product contains plenty of nature’s very own antioxidant – tasty blueberry – as well as
ginger and parsley which freshen up your dog’s breath.



Sodium polyphosphate added to the cookie snack helps prevent formation of tartar and fibre-rich hemp rubs teeth’s surfaces mechanically cleaning them. Hemp seeds bring coarseness and excellent omega-2 fatty acids to this snack delicacy. Blueberry Snack Like No Other is baked at a Finnish cookie factory using pure food-quality ingredients and cooked into a delicious cookie in the oven.



Product declaration


You can offer Werraton Blueberry Cookies to your dog as a snack, delicacy or reward. Cookies increase your dog’s energy intake, so remember to monitor your dog’s weight carefully to avoid obesity. For small dogs, serve maximum two cookies a day. For medium-size dogs, maximum four cookies a day. For large dogs, maximum six cookies a day. Werraton Blueberry Snack is a delicacy designed to be served as a supplement to a balanced daily diet and cannot be used as an exclusive food. Remember that your dog should always have fresh water available.


Fat content
Crude fibre
Crude ash

11 %

22 %

5,5 %

4,5 %


Pack size: 450 g



Oats, cooking oil, syrup, hemp, eggs, whey powder, blueberry powder, psyllium, sodium
bicarbonate (11.4.2.), sodium polyphosphate (11.3.29), parsley and ginger.

Nutritional additives (/kg):
vitamin C (3a300) 750 mg.



  • Tasty egg and stomach-nurturing oat
  • Antioxidants from blueberry
  • Excellent omega fatty acids and fibre from hemp seeds
  • Fresh breath and taste from ginger and parsley
  • Coarse texture helps to keep your dog's teeth clean
  • Added sodium phosphate helps prevent formation of tartar