Nutritionally superior and tasty the way dogs like it!

Dog thrives on eggs

Many are quite surprised to learn that egg is the best protein source for a dog. However, the fact is that the egg has an amino acid composition that best meets dog’s needs. Proteins are formed by amino acids, which in turn means that actually dog’s need for protein is need for different amino acids.


Rovio Pet Foods is the only producer in the world offering such a high proportion of fresh whole egg in dog food. At production stage, the egg shell is separated and added just in the right amount which dog needs to meet its calcium needs. So, in addition to protein, dog also receives bone-strengthening calcium from the egg.

All necessary nutrients, no unnecessary fillers

In addition to egg, Rovio Pet Foods dog food contains poultry, peeled oats, barley, flaxseed, potato, chopped molasses and broad beans, as well as vitamins and minerals. And that’s about all. Therefore, when you are reading through the label, there is no need to look for unnecessary fillers, as they simply are not there.


For dogs, peeled oats, barley, potatoes and broad beans are very suitable sources of carbohydrates i.e. energy and plant-based protein. They are also a good fit for dog’s digestion system. Peeling oats improves its nutritional value greatly. From flaxseed, dog receives not only fibre, but also important omega-3 fatty acids.


Fat is added to the products by spraying poultry fat on the surface of kibbles, which is tasty and attracts the dog to eat.



All raw materials we use come from Finland and, moreover, close by to our factory. For example, we can give you our guarantee that the poultry we use are not grown with the help of antibiotics – this is simply not what we would do in Finland. Only some vitamins and minerals we have to procure from abroad, because they are just not available in Finland.


One more thing, let us mention the important detail that only we use whole egg, broad beans and peeled oats in pet food!

What are proteins or amino acids needed for?

To put it short, they are needed for the well-being, health and good immuno-resistance of dog. Lack of protein can sometimes be observed even with the naked eye. For example, a dog’s hair is lifeless, does not shine and breaks easily. Insufficient protein intake also directly affects dog’s energy level – what it can do. Proteins are the building blocks of the body and because cells regenerate and rejuvenate themselves constantly, it is important for adult dogs too get proteins of good quality.


High-quality protein is important for all dogs, but it particularly benefits active hobby and duty dogs, growing puppies and young dogs, as well as pregnant and lactating bitches. Senior dogs’ paws will also rise more agilely when adequate protein intake is ensured. Werraton dry food selection, now on the market, is designed for different needs of an adult dog.


Hobby dogs and duty dogs need good performance. The right nutrition and protein it contains maintains performance and muscle fitness and helps avoid injuries.

Why does the ratio between protein and fat vary in our foods?

Choosing dog food starts with the dog’s needs – or at least that’s the way it should be! Generally speaking, dog foods can be roughly divided into four different categories based on their protein-to-fat ratio: basic food, active/hobby dog’s food, light food, and food designed to meet the needs of demanding work or lactating and rapid growth phase. Currently, Werraton dog food selection includes the following products:


1. Adult dog’s full nutrition

2. Active dog’s full nutrition

3. For an adult dog with a light diet, as well as

4. Grain-free for an adult dog suffering from dietary hypersensitivities.


Design of the protein-to-fat ratio is based on the dog’s energy needs, and this can be estimated for each of the user groups listed above. The energy content of the food is then adjusted in proportion to the appropriate protein content, which meets the needs of the relevant user group based on calculations. The most important factor influencing the energy content of food is its fat content.


Therefore, it is very important that the dog is fed with food that meets its needs, since not only protein and fat content, but also vitamins and minerals are proportionally adjusted to the amount of food used. For example, if a dog with low energy demand is fed with very strong (energy-rich) food, the amount of food may become so small that there is shortage of other nutrients. When switching to a food that better corresponds to a dog’s role, the situation is corrected.

Different needs of dogs

We developed and adjusted the compositions of our dog foods as well as kibble sizes so that they suit the needs of different adult dogs every day – all the way to old age.

Products have different nutritional content depending on the type of dogs they are intended for. Our selection includes e.g. kibbles with more energy for active dogs with hobbies or duty dogs, lighter food for those who need to be wary of their weight, and grain-free food for sensitive dogs. Owners of allergic dogs are certainly relieved to know that each product has only a few ingredients.

Big dogs like to eat big kibbles and small ones obviously smaller kibbles, so our kibbles are available in two sizes.

Developed by an expert, tested by dogs

Susanna Särkijärvi, an expert in animal nutrition, is responsible for developing dog foods offered by Rovio Pet Foods. She is a master of agriculture and forestry, an academic professional in nutrition, feeding and animal feed with over 20 years of experience in the field.

Susanna was active in product development work for dog foods in Finland in a project for the Natural Resources Institute Finland before moving from being a researcher to become product development manager at Rovio Pet Foods. She used the latest scientific findings on oats and flax as well as various sources of protein and the suitability of egg for dog feeding to help in development of foods.

The starting point for designing was, of course, the nutritional needs of dogs and high-quality Finnish raw materials. When developing recipes, we utilised both Finnish and international research findings related to nutrition of dogs. For raw materials, we chose only the necessary ones and those that can offer the dog some added value, for example, in improved well-being or increased performance. Of course, the developer of the recipes also had to know what is feasible in the industrial process, i.e. how to produce structurally sound kibbles. No financial constraints were imposed on product development.

And of course, the food had to be made so good that you would feel proud to feed it to your own dogs!

Indeed, Susanna also has a strong practical touch for feeding dogs: she has kept dogs for over 30 years and she has also been breeding hunting-line Labrador retrievers for over ten years. Susanna’s Labrador retrievers, together with hundreds of other dogs, participated in the development of Rovio Pet Foods’ dog foods. They are future end customers and supreme judges of taste, so they were allowed to “speak” their heavy word about the products. It is well known that almost anything goes for Labrador retrievers, but other dogs, too, agreed on this!

Indeed, our tests showed that the raw materials selected for the foods, i.e. egg, poultry and oats, are raw materials for dog food that dogs themselves like. The poultry fat on the surface of kibbles works as an additional attraction and makes dogs to salivate with anticipation. When it comes to sources of carbohydrates, potato and broad beans, on the other hand, are neutral in taste.

Test tasting in November 2019

218 dog owners and hundreds of dogs (Taloustutkimus, Finnish economic survey company)

  • dog got to choose between the test food and familiar food
    • 51% chose Rovio Pet Foods’ test food
    • 19% did not know what to choose (the dog ate everything in the cup)
    • 30% chose familiar food

Online survey in autumn 2019

Hundred dog owners and hundreds of dogs (separate test group)

  • dog got to choose between the test food and familiar food
    • 49% chose Rovio Pet Foods’ test food
    • 33% did not know what to choose (the dog ate everything in the cup)
    • 18% chose familiar food

Kibble that keeps intact is also to the owner’s liking

Rovio Pet Foods’ dog food kilbble has consistent quality, retains its shape and absorbs liquid well. The successful composition is based on careful designing and a recipe formulated on that, and tailored to suit the production process of our new factory.

The kibbles are produced using extrusion technology, and the production process is adjusted using pressure, temperature and steam. Mastering production technology and just the right kind of processing improves the quality of food and does not eliminate nutrients from it.

We built a completely new factory in city of Loimaa, Finland, so that we could have a production line specifically engineered for pet foods.

86% of respondents considered the physical composition of the product to be very good or quite good

(Taloustutkimus November 2019, Finnish economic survey company)