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Short trip to the food cup


We have built a new modern factory for production – designed specifically for producing pet food. Our factory is in the middle of green and lush countryside in Southwest Finland. All the raw materials we need come from close by to our factory, almost around the corner from familiar Finnish producers. And the products leave the factory pre-packaged for retail stores. Our new modern factory enables the best possible quality and ecological sustainability in our production.


Greetings from the food critics!

The owner can feel that pet food is excellent in all respects, but the actual decision to eat is made by the main critic: your pet all by itself. Food either tastes good or it doesn’t – that is, disappears from the cup or stays there. Werraton has certainly kept disappearing from the cup. Based on feedback we receive, quite fast indeed!

It’s the quality of food that counts

Our dog foods are developed by a very experienced expert in animal nutrition. Our round-table discussions often revolve around things like the best nutritional content for a dog’s well-being or the ideal amino acid composition. Our recipes are based on the latest scientific research findings on, for example, the best sources of proteins.

Many are quite surprised to learn that egg is the best protein source for a dog. However, the fact is that the egg has an amino acid composition that best meets dog’s needs. Proteins are formed by amino acids, which in turn means that actually dog’s need for protein is need for different amino acids.

Rovio Pet Foods is the only producer in the world offering such a high proportion of fresh whole egg in dog food. At the production stage, the egg shell is separated and added just in the right amount which dog needs to meet its calcium needs. So, in addition to protein, dog also receives bone-strengthening calcium from the egg.

We wanted to create an excellent dog food in every way. And that is what we did. Rovio Pet Foods offers tasty food that is also nutritionally superior. As raw materials, we use Finnish local production which originates near our factory in Loimaa.

Werraton koiranruoan Laatutakuu

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