Werraton aikuinen koiranruoka

Werraton Adult

Full nutrition for an adult dog: rich in fresh and delicious egg, which is the best source of protein for a dog

Werraton viljaton koiranruoka

Werraton Grain-free

Grain-free full nutrition for a sensitive adult dog: rich in protein, potato, beans and flax, no grain

Werraton kevyt koiranruoka

Werraton Light

Lighter full nutrition for an adult dog: fresh egg and poultry protein keep hunger at bay and weight under control

Werraton aktiivi koiranruoka

Werraton Active

Full nutrition for an active adult dog: highly digestible, valuable protein for an active dog

Werraton – best food for your best friend

Werraton is a completely Finnish dry food selection for dogs, offering full nutrition for the needs of different dogs. The nutrient composition of every Werraton product is designed by experts in animal nutrition. The composition and digestibility of our foods are in a class of their own and carefully designed and produced for each group of dogs.


The raw materials selected for Werraton foods are unique. Sources for protein of animal origin include whole fresh egg and poultry. Egg is the best protein source for a dog, since its amino acid composition is best suited for the needs of dogs. Egg shell is a natural source of calcium.


Peeled oats, barley, flax, peeled broad bean and potato offer the dog essential carbohydrates and fibre. The optimal fibre content and many sources of fibre, together with easy to digest carbohydrates, support the intestinal microbe flora and contribute to the well-being of a dog.

All raw materials are locally sourced in southern Finland. Most of them come from Loimaa right nearby our 
factory. Best of all: Werraton dog foods are tasty – studies show this! This was proven by a panel of experts consisting of hundreds of dogs already back in autumn 2019.

  • Carefully selected Finnish raw materials

  • Composition designed by a nutritional expert

  • Best protein-to-fat ratio

  • Optimal amino acid composition

  • Protein and calcium from egg

  • Peeled oats and flax bean

  • Low ash content (6 to 7%)

  • Optimal fibre content (2 to 3%)

  • Additional boost for intestinal care from Mannan-oligosaccharides (MOS)

  • Well-being for joints from glucosamine and Chondroitin sulphate

  • Boost for the heart from taurine

  • Omega-3 fatty acids from flax

  • Optimised vitamin and mineral supplements

  • Antioxidants from berry powder

  • Does not contain wheat, soy, or rice

  • Kibble of consistent quality and with good shape retention

Werraton food comes in two different kibble sizes, small and large. Adult and Grain-free products come in 2kg, 5kg and 12kg packages, Active and Light products come in 5kg and 12kg packages.

Werraton foods are available in Finland at K and S group grocery stores, Hankkija, Tokmanni, Verkkokauppa.com, Peten Koiratarvike, Puuilo, selected Motonet stores and many other stores throughout Finland.

Werraton Laatutakuu

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